About ENDS Waste & Bioenergy

ENDS Waste&Bioenergy (EWB) is a professional news and information website for the European and international waste and bioenergy industries, their suppliers and organisations active in biomaterials, sustainable waste management and the circular economy.

The service is from specialist environmental publishing and research service ENDS (Environmental Data Services), part of Haymarket Business Media.

EWB delivers essential news updates online and via email and is available on annual subscription. It covers the full range of bioenergy topics from waste-to-energy and biomass energy to anaerobic digestion and biogas, as well as biofuels and biomaterial co-products.

EWB covers companies and technologies, facility planning, construction and operation, and national and EU policy and legislative developments and what they mean for business, sustainability and the bio-economy.

Our values

ENDS Waste and Bioenergy is independent of the waste industry. We offer an accurate and balanced perspective in all our reporting

With about 40 years of expertise ENDS asks the right people the right questions leading us to the exclusive angles and in-depth coverage

We put complex information into context clearly and concisely, avoiding the use of confusing jargon and clarifying it when required

Our reporting and analysis team uses its expertise to focus on the issues today that the waste industry will be talking about tomorrow

All content is subjected to scrutiny, analysis and fact-checking, a dedication to accuracy that ENDS' reputation was built on

We report important developments when it matters to ensure that EWB users have the right information when they need it


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