Colin Church on Scotland’s EfW moratorium, CCS and ‘no more’ plants after 2030

Every fortnight the Burning Issue looks at different elements of the energy recovery sector, taking the starting point that while energy recovery has moved some waste out of landfill, where does the sector go from here?

In this first episode of series two, the Burning Issue speaks to Colin Church, the chief executive of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Church has produced two reviews on energy recovery capacity in Scotland, the first of which led to a moratorium on new capacity in the country and the second is currently with the government.

The episode also focuses on:

  • Scotland was heading for “massive over capacity” by the end of this decade

  • No more EfW plants to should be built in the UK after this decade

  • Peel should have waited before pulling plans for its plastics-to-hydrogen plant

  • EfW plants should be shut or have carbon capture by the 2040s

  • And why the EU and UK are right to start moving EfW plant into ETS schemes

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