News and analysis on solid, liquid and gaseous biofuel projects, facilities, companies, technologies, market developments and government policies 

Both Drax and Lynemouth BECCS projects fail to get track one status

The Lynemouth biomass-fired plant

Both have advanced BECCS projects planned, with Drax saying it could become unviable without financial backing for its project

Ence Biogas and Sener confirm project for six biomethane-producing plants

Biomethane supply

Spain: The new facilities are expected to start operations in 2025 and 2026

Partners launch plan to produce liquid biogas

GrønGas Hjørring seen from above, image credit Norwegian Hydrogen

A new Norwegian-Danish collaboration will enable the production of liquid biogas

Ireland well positioned to support SAF production

Is SAF the future for airlines?

New report outlines role Ireland could play in future SAF production

Waga reveals ‘European first’ with hybrid biogas-to-biomethane project

A Wagabox installed at another site

France: Putting two production-sites’ capacities together will create enough biomethane to supply more than 2,000 homes or about 60 buses

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