Biomass Energy

News and analysis on biomass energy markets, facilities, projects, technologies, companies and government policies.

Failed Port Clarence biomass-fired plant finally confirms RDF switch

Port Clarence is now a waste-fired plant

UK: Plant originally designed to process waste wood is now looking to process up to 333,000t/yr of RDF with a buyer due to take on the project

Petrofac to support UK’s first carbon capture and shipping hub

Avonmouth port, where the hub is planned

Hub was launched earlier this month and also progressing with feasibility study launched to support its application for funding

Both Drax and Lynemouth BECCS projects fail to get track one status

The Lynemouth biomass-fired plant

Both have advanced BECCS projects planned, with Drax saying it could become unviable without financial backing for its project

Two of Aviva’s flagship biomass-gasification plants now processing waste

The Boston-based plant, image copyright

UK: Facilities in Hull and Boston appear to have numerous issues with neither operating anywhere near expected capacities and both now taking SRF rather than waste wood

RED negotiators prepare for horse-trading

Biomass ready to be processed

Swedish diplomats have asked member states to consider further raising the EU’s renewable energy target in this week’s talks on revising the Renewable Energy Directive, while indicating that the EU Council ‘stands firm’ on biomass

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