Environment after Brexit: Building an Agenda for UK Environmental Law and Business

11 Apr 2017
ENDS & Bournemouth University
Bournemouth University


Britain’s momentous EU referendum result presents unique risks and opportunities for environmental law and business. UK and EU environmental law are deeply intertwined, and disentangling them will throw up a huge range of challenges.

Despite the profound significance of Brexit for environmental law, green issues were peripheral in the EU referendum campaign. And there is a risk that they could continue to be sidelined in the formal negotiations due to begin by March 2017.
This conference is a key opportunity for business, environmental and legal professionals to come together to hear from experts on what Brexit might mean for UK environmental law, and also to contribute their own views.
The mission of the meeting is to develop an agenda for environment after Brexit that minimises the risks, seizes the opportunities and points towards a new and healthy balance between environmental protection and British business success.

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