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EWB Insight report: Mar/Apr 23

The EfW plant

This report: The EA under the spotlight, CCS joy for two EfWs, while Drax and Lynemouth forced to wait, Newport-based EfW goes into administration and a Stoke-based facility faces being mothballed

EWB Insight report: Feb 2023

The planned Darwen-based biogas plant

This month: Interest in biogas facilities continues to rise, Sweden holds stance on bioenergy, Northacre gains planning consent, and our regular full facilities update

EWB Insight report: Dec/Jan 2023

EA staff were on strike in January

This report covers the unusual move by FCC to start the permitting process for an EfW facility it does not yet have the rights to develop, the entry into force of the UK generator levy, Aviva’s plans to sell a stake in its Newport EfW plant and more problems for the delayed MGT Teesside biomass-fired project

EWB Insight report : Nov 2022

One of Nature Energy's plants

This month: Nature Energy sold for €1.9bn, row over banning UK waste exports, a big waste deal for Biffa, developments in CCS and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: October 2022

Indaver is building Essex's first major EfW plant

This month: Another twist in Essex’s troubled waste-tendering process, EfW progresses towards EU ETS, UK twice rules out energy recovery moratorium and the waste company waiving levies totalling £4.75m (€5.45m)

EWB Insight report: September 2022

Viridor's new Tilbury-based plant

This month: Essex waste deal and Viridor’s Tilbury EfW plant, Fortum targets UK-based EfW developments and Northacre developers look again at gasification technology

EWB Insight report: August 2022

The Amagger Bakke EfW plant

This month: EfW developers need to accept call-ins as part of planning process, low fines are encouraging waste criminals, more ‘wildcat’ strikes could hit facility builds, and Copehagen will miss 2025 carbon neutral target due to EfW missing out on CCS funding

EWB Insight report: July 2022

An artist's impression of Broad's plant

This month: The UK is reviewing English EfW capacity, a court confirms the Environment Agency was entitled to withdraw permission for the export of hazardous waste to an island in Norway, financial close and the start of construction for a Glasgow-based 350,000t/yr EfW plant and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: June 2021

The EMERGE EfW plant

This month: UK planning systems adds 1Mt/yr of new capacity, a judicial review against the UK government’s decision to exclude EfW from its ETS was dismissed, CNIM struck no EPC deals in the first three months of this year and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: May 2022

Is the sun setting on EfW plant development

This month: European Commission fails to back bioenergy, UK local authorities face legal action over failed waste-gasification plant and Indaver finally starts building Essex-based EfW plant

EWB Insight report: April 2022

RDF ready for export

This month: Scottish review of EfW capacity with ministers, Covanta carves off European based facilities, Indaver’s Ireland-based plant develops, new owner for the Margam biomass-fired plant and Wärtsilä reveals “world’s second-largest” biomethane-liquefaction plant

EWB Insight report: March 2022

Suez's Tees Valley EfW plant

This month: UK unveils “eligible” EfW carbon capture and storage projects and starts the process of including energy recovery in the UK emissions trading scheme. Meanwhile, the Oslo-based Klemetsrud EfW plant is on track for a “world first” by having full-scale CCS tech installed by 2026

EWB Insight report: February 2022

Wood pellets

This month: Could biomethane replace Russian natural gas? Problems at a Malvern-based medical waste plant and construction workers raise issues at the NESS EfW plant build

EWB insight report: Dec/Jan 2022

The Hoddesdon EfW plant

This month: EfW construction woes finally leads CNIM into administration, another high-profile failure for UK waste-gasification, and adding EfW to the EU ETS will send waste “down the hierarchy”

EWB insight report: November 2021

Viridor's Overwood EfW plant

This month: Scotland considers an EfW moratorium, the AEB sale progresses, Cory reveals the world’s largest decarbonisation project on an EfW plant, and why energy recovery needs to put the U in CCUS

EWB Insight report: October 2021

Drax is developing its own carbonn capture tech

This month: CCUS and BECCS take off in the UK, the world’s first project to convert a coal-fired plant to waste hangs in the balance, pellet production at WKE’s first facility slips into next year and a full facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: September 2021

Cory's EfW plant is supplied via the Thames and will now supply Vattenfall's heat network

This month: UK’s district heating market comes of age, Essex is still landfilling after EfW deal fails and EWB investigates Aviva’s problems stemming from the development of three biomass-gasification plants. And the usual facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: August 2021

An artist's impression of the EfW plant

This month: 700,000t/yr EfW deal effectively awarded, no appeal over non-inclusion of EfW in EU ETS, Veolia highlights energy importance of EfW, and the usual facilities round up

EWB Insight report: July 2021

Covanta's Rookery South EfW plant

This month: EfW continues to attract investor interest, Fortum Oslo Varme’s CCS project rejects EC criticism and legal action over Surrey’s waste gasification plant moves forward. Also read our full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: May 2021

Waste-based pellets

This month: Forged pellets certificate circulated by WKE, bioenergy sector faces stricter rules, waste wood and EfW market evolves and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: April 2021

The Snetterton biomass-fired plant

This month: The biomass sector continues to consolidate rather than expand, the UK launches a probe into the same sector and a new EfW plant builder is revealed. Here’s the full round up of the month’s industry news and facilities updates

EWB Insight report: March 2021

The Uskmouth conversion project

This month: Welsh government brings in immediate moratorium on 10MWe+ EfW capacity, RDF sector questions Eunomia’s support after it releases another anti-EfW report and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight Report: February 2021

This month: Who will build the UK’s pipeline of EfW plants, NGOs “misrepresent” bioenergy, several businesses make moves in the biogas sector, and a full facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: Dec/Jan 2021

This month: Could 2021 mark a change in PR strategy for EfW, pressure increase on the Dutch to drop waste-import tax, dire warning of lack of waste investment in NI and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: November 2020

This month: The EU ETS should not be extended to EfW plants, BWSC shifts away from EfW and bioenergy plant builds, Suez and BP work on the UK’s first CCS project at an EfW plant, still no EIA for the Barry biomass plant and Nature Energy is building another large-scale facility

EWB Insight report: October 2020

This month: Two judicial reviews and two wins for the EfW plants, crooks cashing in on plastic exports, Edmonton EfW plant deal down to three bidders, Corby EfW plant develops, Lynemouth Power offline and Ductor to deliver 200 biogas-producing plants

EWB Insight report: September 2020

This month: English RDF exports collapse, Norway’s CCUS project moves forward, LafargeHolcim reveals plans to double waste processing by 2030 and Severn Water unveiled plans for another thermal hydrolysis-powered facility

EWB Insight report: August 2020

This month: Three more waste-gasification hit the buffers, UK faces legal action over excluding EfW plants from its planned ETS, Covanta calls for “dialogue” with protesters and Hoddesdon and Uskmouth-based facilities move forward

EWB Insight report: July 2020

This month: A CfD-backed EfW project crosses the finishing line, CCS technology progresses, REDII faces further legal action, legal ruling states EfW plants primary role is power production and Amey’s Isle of Wight WtE facility misses end of June date to be operational

EWB Insight report: June 2020

This month: Political moves hit the EfW sector in Denmark and Germany, politician backtracks after criticising a waste to energy plant, MVV wins “rare” ruling, Amey’s Waterbeach facility loses appeal, and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: May 2020

This month: Could CCS at biomass-fired and EfW plants be on the brink of commercial scale success, legal challenge to EU’s bioenergy support is shut down, UK sets new bioenergy record and a new energy recovery plant is planned for Essex

EWB Insight report: April 2020

This month: Facilities moved forward for Wheelabrator, several other UK-based EfW plants progressed, while policy and business remains severely affected by the global coronavirus outbreak

EWB Insight report: March 2020

This month: Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown hits the waste and bioenergy sector, Viridor is due to have new owners and a coal-to-waste conversion develops. Read also our full facilities roundup

EWB Insight report: February 2020

This month: Another developer fails to crack planning consent for an EfW plant in south-east UK, Drax could be coal-free in a year, wood pellets push up EU renewables, and a full facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: January 2020

This month: Dutch waste tax hits UK exports, Brexit will hit EU’s bioenergy production, AEB is up for sale and there are several EFW facilities developments

EWB Insight report: December 2019

This month: Dutch waste tax confirmed, another EfW plant builder in administration, WI BAT published, Drax to be “carbon neutral” by 2030, plus a full facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: November 2019

This month: RRS insolvency details revealed, UK exports of waste to drop, Viridor takes legal action and two legal actions against UK-based EfW plant build fail

EWB Insight report: October 2019

This month: Is rail the future for waste transport, landfill will take the brunt of a no-deal Brexit, planning snubs for Nu-Energy EfW plant, but go ahead for Verus Energy Oak and Veolia facilities

EWB Insight report: September 2019

This month: Only two EfW projects gain CfD support, developments at the delayed Renaissance and Port Clarence facilities, as well as the liquidation of a biomass plant operator and the usual facilities roundup

EWB Insight report: August 2019

This month: Three major new EfW plants progress, waste exports from England drop, UK waste wood market to import feedstock and a full facilities update

EWB Insight report: July 2019

This month: Waste fires a burning issue for energy recovery sector, Dutch government proposes a waste import tax, Veolia gets another no from the government for a Hertfordshire-based EfW plant and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: Jun 2019

This month: Government call-ins impact on two EfW plant developments, WI BAT signed off, Ørsted ditches biogas but will keep working on delayed Renescience plant, and a full facilities round-up

EWB Insight report: May 2019

This month: More woes for the waste gasification sector, new EfW facilities being developed by FCC and Veolia, the world’s largest biogas plant is opened and a full facilities roundup

EWB Insight report: Apr 2019

This month; Scotland faces infrastructure capacity gap as 2021 landfill band looms, EC does not sign green gas pledge, new EfW plant becomes operational in Scotland and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: Mar 2019

This month: Another mixed month for gasification-equipped projects, legal challenge over RED II biomass support causes concerns, call for progress on UK introducing E10 and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: Feb 2019

This month: Is the UK halfway through building a portfolio of EfW plants, facilites progress in Corby, Darwen and the Rookery South EfW faces yet another day in court

EWB Insight report: Dec/Jan 2019

This month: Another EfW is "called in", another project drops out of the UK's CfD process, Brexit causes issues for waste exporters and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: November 2018

This month: Interserve's woes continued, could the plug be pulled on the Port Clarence biomass-fired plant, the UK throws a lifeline to ACT-equipped waste processing plants and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: October 2018

This month: Tough time for the biofuel sector, UK-based projects drop out of CfD process, Ireland's lack of landfill capacity an emergency and a full round facilities round up

EWB Insight report: September 2018

This month: More problems for waste gasification plants, DG Environment gives "early warning reports" to 14 member states, UK makes it tougher for wood-fired builds and a full facilities round up for the month

EWB Insight report: August 2018

This month: Could the UK bring in an "incineration tax", EC launches bioethanol investigation, exports of RDF from the UK drop again as well as a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: June 2018

This month: Is small the future for EfW plants, policy progress on RED II and the circular economy package as well as a full round up of waste and bioenergy facilities

EWB Insight report: May 2018

This month: Legal action over a UK EfW plant has prompted calls for a change in the law, an RDF "loophole", biomass plants face feedstock shortages and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: April 2018

This month: WI Bref talks near finishing line, the EU's circular economy package progresses, new owners for Clearfleau and a full biogas, biomass and EfW facilities round up

EWB Insight report: March 2018

The Westcott Park biogas facility

This month: UK AD sector faces tough economic outlook, hope for crop-based biofuels, cement sector calls for financial support to use biomass and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: February 2018

This month: Falling subsides and feedstock issues driving biogas consolidation, UK starts RHI work, Ireland pledges more support for 'home grown' biomass and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: January 2018

This month: Straw-fired power starts 2018 strongly, RED II goes the way of bioenergy, Drax to convert a fourth unit and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: December 2017

This month: IBA pushes up recycling levels, the end for coal, waste wood legislation in the UK and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: November 2017

This month: The ESA takes on Eunomia in the on-going row over a looming UK waste-capacity gap, Autumn Budget is badly received by waste and bioenergy sectors and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight report: October 2017

Cory Riverside Energy went on the market this month

This month: Developing RED II looks good for the waste and bioenergy sectors while crop-based biofuels face a tough future. Plus a full round up of October's waste and bioenergy facilities

EWB Insight: September 2017

This month: Indian EfW market ripe for investment, biofuel market woes, several waste supply deals and the latest developments at waste, biomass and biogas facilities across Europe

EWB Insight: August 2017

This month: UK EfW capacity row reignites, RHI confusion continues, newly privatised GIB sell off waste and bioenergy investments and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight: June 2017

This month: RED draft revealed, issues at the Poolbeg EfW development, Biffa to develop two energy recovery plants and Sweden loses imported biogas legal argument

EWB Insight: May 2017

This month: CEWEP gives some early thoughts on the first draft of the waste incineration BREF, German biogas businesses reveal mixed fortunes and several waste and biomass-fired projects reach crucial stages

EWB Insight: April 2017

The CHO Morcenx plant

This month: Gasification back on the agenda, biomass supports CO2 emission cuts as coal phase out begins and more boosts for the biogas sector

EWB Insight: July 2017

This month: Biofuel to come of age, boost for gasification, falling gate fees for biogas and EfW plants as well as a full round of waste and bioenergy facility news

EWB Insight: March 2017

This month: The end of EfW catchment areas, European Commission backs biomass and a senior member of power station Drax's staff joins UK government advisory body

EWB Insight: February 2017

This month: The UK urged to ditch "ill defined" circular economy package, Commission debates over recycling type and volumes and is the EfW sector facing a "transitional" period

EWB Insight: January 2017

This month: Northern Ireland's government collapses over biomass subsidies, a stronger circular economy, plus new deals in the biomass and energy-from-waste sector.

EWB Insight: December 2016

This month: All eyes on Drax, new deals for Suez and a turn of fortunes predicted for waste processing ACT technologies

EWB Insight: November 2016

This month: The Winter Package launches a new chapter for waste and bioenergy, EfW growth led by Asia and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight: October 2016

This month: Bioenergy battle lines drawn up as sustainability policy due to be announced, UK bioenergy outstrips other renewables, a takeover deal for Rusforest and Biffa returns to the stock exchange

EWB Insight: December 2015

Bottom ash, copyright viridor

The December insight finds the European EWB sectors ending the year in relatively good health, with technological and market development continuing apace.

EWB Insight: September 2016

This month: Falling price of Danish waste hitting investments, Germany's waste imports fall but the amount of UK waste it takes rises and Lietuvos Energija gets EU state aid clearance for a vast multi-fuel plant

EWB Insight: August 2016

This month: UK passes peak EfW development, German biogas woes continue and a full facilities update

EWB Insight: July 2016

This month: UK's waste gasification sector takes a knock, ADBA conference round up and the end to subsidies for first generation biofuels post 2020

EWB Insight: June 2016

This month: UK looks to the positives for energy-from-waste after Brexit vote, EfW’s developing role in the circular economy and positive developments on coal-to-biomass conversion projects in Denmark and Belgium.

EWB Insight: May 2016

This month: Covanta returns to the UK, US imports of biomass up again and could we reach waste processing capacity by 2030?

EWB Insight: April 2016

This month: Bioenergy businesses set out their positions ahead of the EU's sustainability consultation closing, English RDF exports rocket, Air Product's EfW business collapses and a major wood pellet producer cuts production.

EWB Insight: March 2016

An artist's impression of the K3 CHP Facility

This month: Could waste processing CfD projects be under threat of losing funding, pellet prices close in on oil and all the latest policy, market and facilities updates from the waste and bioenergy sector

EWB Insight: February 2016

Credit Jakob Montrasio

This month: Europe's waste and bioenergy sector has experienced unprecedented investment from China. Could UK waste businesses such as Biffa be next on the Asian giant's shopping list?

EWB Insight: January 2016

Oil prodcution credit: Song Qiuju/123RF

This month: Bioenergy investors and operators urged to ride out the low oil price storm, Abengoa up for grabs, and EfW scores a first for carbon capture

EWB Insight: November 2015

The UK's decision to dump coal in November, could open the door to bioenergy

EWB Insight: October 2015

Returkraft's EfW plant is under pressure from Swedish waste-fired facilities

Scandinavian EfW sector will start to feel the pressure as other countries bring capacity into operation

EWB Insight: September 2015

The Spittelau energy-from-waste plant (photograph: Wien Energie)

Bioenergy industries brace for the EU circular economy package as rows over renewable energy subsidy changes sour the mood

EWB Insight: August 2015

Viridor's Dunbar EfW plant started construction

The latest EWB Insight report covers biogas subsidy changes, Austria's plan to cut waste wood incineration as well as the latest facility and market news

EWB Insight: July 2015

The latest EWB Insight report covers Irish biomass updates, UK biogas reaching a milestone and the closure of a major German EfW plant

EWB Insight: June 2015

EWB Insight: May 2015

EWB Insight: April 2015

EWB Insight: March 2015

EWB Insight: February 2015

EWB Insight: January 2015

EWB Insight: December 2014

EWB Insight report: June 2022

An artist's impression of Barr's EfW plant

This month: Scotland to block new EfW capacity, energy recovery looks like joining EU ETS from 2026, industry waits on Essex waste deal and a full facilities round up

EWB Insight: November 2014

EWB Insight: October 2014

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