The latest news and analysis on waste and bioenergy markets, technologies, facilities and government policies affecting energy-from-waste, anaerobic digestion and biomass energy.

Newhurst EfW plant starts full-scale operations

The EfW plant

UK: 350,000t/yr EfW facility has been handed over on time and is the second of Encyclis’s planned portfolio of UK-based plants to enter operations

The Burning Issue podcast talks to Local Partnership’s Hattie Parke

The Burning Issue, S:02 Ep:08

Every fortnight the Burning Issue looks at different elements of the energy recovery sector, taking the starting point that while energy recovery has moved some waste out of landfill, where does the sector go from here?

Local authority urges Scottish Government to push back landfill ban


Council fears it will be hit with “hundreds of thousands” in penalty charges if its pulls out of a landfill contract not due to end until after the ban comes in

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