Policy & Regulation

News and analysis on government policies and regulations impacting on the energy-from-waste, anaerobic digestion and biomass energy sectors.

Scottish government accused of backtracking on new EfW capacity

An artist's impression of the  Avondale Energy from Waste Facility

The government has previously “accepted” a recommendation against granting new consents, but has now clarified local authorities can say “if they are minded to grant planning permission to such facilities”

UK: DEFRA’s waste strategy ‘fails to address non-household waste’, warns LGA

Waste sector ‘has essential role in addressing EU energy and climate crises’

Energy from waste plant in Germany

The waste management sector has an "essential role" to play in reducing the EU's reliance on Russian gas and in tackling the climate crisis, including through the use of energy from waste technology, a trade body has said

UK: Unison calls on Environment Agency workers to reject pay offer

Unison members working for the Environment Agency (EA) are being urged by trade union Unison to reject a 2% pay increase

Aviva to submit environmental statement for Barry Biomass plant by deadline

Barry biomass plant

UK: The ES for the Barry Biomass plant will be submitted by the end of the month

MPs to scrutinise biomass and deforestation links

Wood pellets

UK: Proposals for bioenergy generation in the UK’s Net Zero Strategy are likely to require an increase in the supply of sustainable biomass feedstocks by 2050

UK: EA staff struggling to deliver with ‘unjust’ pay

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