Policy & Regulation

News and analysis on government policies and regulations impacting on the energy-from-waste, anaerobic digestion and biomass energy sectors.

Only two EfW plants make it through latest CCS-cluster cull

An artist's impression of the CCS plant planned for Runcorn

Nine-waste processing projects had been in the running at this point last year, with none making it through to one of the clusters and still no firm support for a Scotland-based hub

Ireland: Policy change threatens biofuel-production facilities

Scottish waste stats: Energy recovery and landfilling up, recycling down

The 300,000t/yr Dunbar EfW is Scotland's largest such plant

First stats released following cyber attack and come after Scotland brought in a moratorium on further EfW capacity

RED negotiators prepare for horse-trading

Biomass ready to be processed

Swedish diplomats have asked member states to consider further raising the EU’s renewable energy target in this week’s talks on revising the Renewable Energy Directive, while indicating that the EU Council ‘stands firm’ on biomass

England’s household waste recycling rate continues to stagnate

A MRF, image Wikicommons

New figures reveal England’s recycling rate continuing to stagnate, as the waste industry calls for government to make policy reforms to boost market confidence

Enfinium-backed report highlights EfW’s benefits to energy security and economy

 Ferrybridge Multifuel two has an R1 value of 0.85

EfW offers the UK a way out of the “perfect storm” of supply challenges, labour shortages, global supply chain disruptions, and an energy crisis - if policy barriers can be overcome

Drax halts BECCS investment and ‘could be unviable’ by 2027


Drax raises concerns over its future once current subsidies end in 2027, unless the government backs its carbon capture technology

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