Policy & Regulation

News and analysis on government policies and regulations impacting on the energy-from-waste, anaerobic digestion and biomass energy sectors.

Danish government confirms plans for CCUS by end of the decade

The ski slope-equipped EfW plant

“At least” 34Mt of CO2 must be stored underground as the government says it will both remove obstacles and create clarity for industry

Including EfW in the UK ETS must not ‘undermine waste hierarchy’ experts warn

An EfW plant's grabber

Making energy recovery more expensive, could push waste back into landfill warns industry, ahead of government consultation expected before the end of this year

Government unveils new measures to boost SAF industry

SAF ready to be supplied

UK: Government announces plans to launch a revenue certainty scheme supporting SAF production

Geminor concerned about lack of biogas support

A  biogas plant

Norway: No backing for biogas means businesses are not investing in gas-powered vehicles

Nationwide district heating project launched at Dublin EfW plant

The EfW plant

Energy efficiency capacity of the EfW plant will increase from about 33% to over 80% when the pipework for its district heating system is installed and put into operation in 2025

UK government urged to cut tax on cleaner fossil fuel replacements

Biofuel ready to be used

Biofuel and waste-derived fuel backing bodies hope tax break could boost investment in the sectors

UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax pulls in £41m more than expected


First year of new tax has exceeding expected revenues, according to the government

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