Policy & Regulation

News and analysis on government policies and regulations impacting on the energy-from-waste, anaerobic digestion and biomass energy sectors.

Foresight’s financial results show impact of electricity generator levy

Warren Bioenergy is owned by Foresight

While fund has made “significant progress” on its strategic growth targets the levy has reduced the value of its portfolio

UK: SAF sector call for government support to build plants

UK confirms ‘electricity generator levy’ on power-producing facilities

Image credit Artur Nichiporenko/Getty Images

New tax starts in January and is forecast to raise about £14.2bn up until 2028 from generators including biomass and waste-fired facilities generating over 100GWh a year

Welsh landfilling increases for first time since 2017/18 figures


New figures issued just over a year after Wales ruled it did not need further energy recovery capacity

UK seeks to make DCO process ‘50% faster’

The now opertional Rookery South EfW plant was awarded the UK's first DCO

Any waste or biomass-processing facility with a capacity of more than 50MWe must be signed off the by the government

Denmark: ‘Ban PFAS from products’ to support energy recovery plants

Just eight TFS waste-shipments repatriated since 2015

Badly shipped RDF

Figures from the Environment Agency, released through a freedom of information request, indicate that headlines about illegal exports have related to ‘green list waste’, against which tighter regulations are needed

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